Tuesday, March 22, 2011


HEY i'm back!!! let me say i found a gwen frostic book at the scondhand store the other day i did not know who she was . i got the book to cut up  to do  mail art project . i always look up the book frist , the paper is so nice the art work is like the nices i seen i wish my own work looked as good. i will not be cutting it up. i wish i had a scaner . i.m hope to with my tax return .
i've been so busy now than my daughter, brittany and my grandbaby are here we need a bigger house. my house is 3 rooms at lease there big rooms our bedroom as a kingsize bed a twin bed a crib a 3 wall to wall storage unit   a new hot water tank still in the box and on top of that a 27in 1999 color tv. and all my room are the same size ,but who know a one year old could have some many toys  ,kitchen,living room, bathroom, every where. i do have to say we did just have his frist birthday, but he has so many how can he play with them all.they are all over the house each morning i get up WHOS REALLY PLAYING WITH THEM.
i wish i could say i've been working on my art work but i have not. i have been doing thing with my nephew we did the purple gaze yesterday to day we are on the bus to do something in tulsa,ok.                                                       
                                                                                                           keith doing his cup at the purple gaze

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